KD Smart Chair Manual – Instructions for PL001 and Other Models

For your convenience, here are the official manuals and brochures for KD Smart Chair:

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KD Smart Chair Instruction Manual – This is the instruction manual for the KD Electric Wheelchair Model PL001. It offers information on Guidance for Use, a Note to the Users, Safety Sign information, information about the product’s construction and design, and technical parameters.

There is also a section on electromagnetic interference, as some people who require an electric wheel chair may have other medical devices that may get interfered with.

This manual also tells you how to safely use for both the individual using it and someone escorting them. Also included is the installation guide, operation guide, braking guide, and details about battery use.

There is also a section on how to fold and unfold the wheelchair, though most people figure it out themselves pretty quickly. It is, after all, designed to be intuitive.

Another important section is the Trouble Shooting and packing list, to make sure you know what do if there’s a problem and that you have all the parts. It is highly unlikely that your folding electric wheelchair will arrive with anything missing. What usually happens is things roll under the couch, or get misplaced during unboxing. This packing list will make sure you keep everything together and know what everything is.

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KD Smart Chair Owner’s Manual – This manual is very similar to the Instruction Manual for the PL001. It covers a lot of the same topics, but is newer and more thought was put into the design of it. The type is larger and easier to read. This version of the manual is also expanded to cover other models as well such as the KD, MWC, and the PL001. This version also has color pictures which makes it for easier identification and just nicer to look at.

You can download both versions and see which you like better, depending on the model you have purchased.

Brochure – Product Information – This is a brochure for anyone who is considering a foldable electric wheelchair. It’s not quite a manual, per se, but we decided to include this PDF on this page to keep all the documentation together.

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It will give you a brief rundown of the product’s features and specifications. If you are unfamiliar with portable power wheelchairs, this I a great primer to get to know what they are and how they can benefit you or your loved one.

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